1985-89 Pontiac Firebird UQ7 Bose Subwoofer Speaker Amp. GM 16040742

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1985-89 Pontiac Firebird UQ7 Bose Subwoofer Speaker System Amplifier

The UQ7 was the Bose premium sound system available on 1985-89 Pontiac Firebird. The small amp (amplifier has a low-pass cutoff of 500 Hz) mounts under the dash near where the map pocket is. The amp powers the small 5 inch subwoofers in the rear sail panels. This is a six speaker System. There are 4 x 6 inch speakers are above them, and two 4 x 6 inch speakers in the front of the dash.

This system is designed to work with any of the GM factory stereo radios. It can be used with aftermarket Stereo using the original wiring harness and providing a separate power supply to the amp (The aftermarket stereo will most likely not provide enough amps to power the Amplifier - therefore a separate power supply is needed.) There is a powered wire that comes out of many radios that you can hook into the factory harness to control the power antenna, using this wire to power a relay to supply power to the Amplifier.


  • Amplifier
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No longer produced or available from GM.

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