1990-92 Chevy Camaro Tachometer Circuit Board. Diagnostic LED option

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1990-92 Chevy Camaro V8 or V6 Tachometer Circuit Board. Easy to install direct replacement. Pre-calibrated. Diagnostic LED indicators option.

Replacement Tachometer Circuit Boards for 1990-92 Camaro with V8 or V6 engines (selected above when ordering), all models.

Easy and ready to install direct replacement.

  • Pre-Calibrated for 6 cylinder, or 8 cylinder (with compatible engine swap) { option selected above}
  • Ready to install.
  • Easy bolt on installation - no soldering or special tools required.
  • Direct replacement for the original GM Circuit Board.
  • Includes installation instructions.
  • Manufactured in the USA with top quality components.
  • Diagnostic LED indicators option. Choose if you want the LED indicators enabled [+$10.00]) { option selected above}


  • 1990-92 Camaro, all models, all engines.


  1. What is an LED? It is a Light Emitting Diode.
  2. What is the Diagnostic LED option for? The diagnostic LED's can be used to help diagnose Tachometer circuit problems (more details below).
  3. What is the difference between the circuit board with LED's and without LED's?  The circuit board with the LED's has the Diagnostic LED circuits installed. The circuit board without the LED option does not have the Diagnostic LED circuits installed
  4. Will this work with my original tachometer and gauge cluster?  Yes. Installation is simple unbolt the old circuit board from the tachometer, and bolt the new circuit board on to the tachometer.

LED Indicators option (If selected when ordering):

If you ordered the LED indicator option, the LED's can be used to help diagnose Tachometer circuit problems. They indicate if the power circuit is completed and if the RPM signal circuit is completed respectively.

For example, If the RPM signal was nonexistent, the LED would not light. If the signal was intermittent, the LED may flicker. If the circuit board was not receiving power, the Power LED indicator would not light. In this way the LED's are useful to help with diagnosing tachometer problem related to the power and RPM circuits.



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Diagnostice LED's
1990-92 Camaro, all models, all engines