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1991-92 Camaro Firebird GM Hatch Pull Down Unit

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Out of Stock

1991-92 Camaro and Firebird Trunk Hatch Pull Down Unit

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Remanufactured rear Hatch Pull Down Unit. Dis-assembled, cleaned, lubricated, New GM Gear installed, Reversing Switch remanufactured, worn parts replaced, tested for proper operation.
Application: 1991 Camaro and Firebird all models, with this type Pull down Unit. 1992 Camaro and Firebird all models.

Core deposit: This item requires a refundable core deposit (What is a core?). A refundable Core deposit is added to the sale price of the Pull down.

With Core Return:
Item price $300.00 + refundable Core deposit of $150.00  Or

With no Core return:
Purchase outright $450.00

Core refund policy:

  1. The returned core must be rebuildable and not missing parts for a core refund to be issued.
  2. The returned core must be not so badly damaged, bent, or broken it is not usable as a rebuildable core.
  3. Core's returned that are not rebuildable will not receive a full refund and may not receive a partial refund.
  4. Core's from junkyards that are visibly damaged, heavily corroded, and heavily warn, will most likely not be a usable core.

Installation and Removal help. See 1991-92 Camaro and Firebird Pull down Unit Removal and Installation.

If out of stock - These are frequently out of stock. If this is out of stock, you may be helped by our Rebuild Service.


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