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1984-88 Fiero Tachometer problems

1984-88 Fiero Tachometer problems

Posted by Support Staff on 12th Sep 2018

Many GM cars build in the 80 and early 90's are now developing tachometer problems. The Fiero is also one of the cars that is having this problem.

The problems usually manifests with the tachometer reading too high, too low, pegged in one position, or just plain dead with no motion. This is usually caused by a bad tachometer circuit board.

If the tachometer reads correctly most of the time, but occasionally acts up, the problem is probably a loose wire or an electrical resistance problem.

If you tachometer jumps around, the cause could be a Tachometer Filter problem.

It is always good to perform a proper diagnostic to determine the cause if possible.

We now carry a line of new replacement Fiero Tachometer Circuit Boards. They come calibrated and ready to install. They include installation instructions and a manufacturer lifetime warranty.

There are three different circuit boards available.

(1) 1986-88 Pontiac Fiero V6 Tachometer Circuit Board for the Fiero with the vinyl type gauges

(2) 1984-88 Fiero V6 Tachometer Circuit Board with the Tachometer with Oil pressure gauge type

(3) 1984-88 Fiero 4 cylinder Tachometer Circuit Board with the Tachometer with Oil pressure gauge type

Installation is fairly easy. There is no soldering involved. The tachometer is unbolted from the old circuit board. Then the tachometer is bolted to the new circuit board. The new circuit board comes with the terminal bolts already installed.

If you need help with installing a new board, we are available to help. The instructions included are thorough and so far our customer's who have purchased one of these boards have not needed any help.

We also carry Tachometer Filter replacement.

Tachometer Filter