Tachometer signal Filter - Camaro, Firebird, Fiero, Corvette, GM GMC Truck, Monte Carlo

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Tachometer signal Filter.  High Energy Ignition System (HEI) and aftermarket compatible.

2 Configurations available. Both are internally the same and function the same.

  1. Configuration #1: Wires exit both sides of the metal case.
  2. Configuration #2: Wires exit the same sides of the metal case.

GM installed tachometer signal filters starting the 1970's. The ignition system produces voltages upward of 30,000 volts to produce a spark. That high voltage causes electrics noise, and voltage spikes and surges, in the signal wire going to the tachometer circuit board. The original signal filter deteriorate with age. This can an cause erratic signals, or block the signal going to the tachometer circuit board.

This tachometer signal filter -

  • Provides a stable reliable signal to the Tachometer
  • Provides for better Tachometer response and performance
  • Removes voltage spikes, voltage surges, and electrical noise
  • Compatible as an OEM replacement Tachometer filter for GM vehicles.
  • Compatible with aftermarket ignitions systems such as MSD, Holley, Speedmaster.

Compatible with - Most 1975-1990 GM vehicles that have "circuit board" driven Tachometer. Not compatible with Tachometers that are simply a coil (these are usually pre-1975 models).

Easy to install - Three color-coded wires allow fast and easy fool-proof installation. Provides protection and superior response on all Classic Tachometers.


  1. Installation hardware
  2. Mounting bracket
  3. Installation instructions
  4. Trouble-shooting tips

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Compatable with:
1975-90 GM HEI. MSD, Holley, Speedmaster.