1990-92 Chevy GMC GM speedometer Circuit Board Repair Kit

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arrow.png Please read the entire listing before ordering - Order the correct circuit board

1990-92 Chevy GM GMC Speedometer Circuit Board Repair Kit

Replacement speedometer circuit board kit includes:

  1. New speedometer Circuit Board (PCB) with odometer plug
  2. New resistors, capacitors, diode, crystal oscillator.
  3. New odometer motor driver Integrated Circuit
  4. New odometer wiring harness plug
  5. Instructions

Skills and tools needed:

  1. You will need to be able to de-solder two IC chips from your old circuit board and solder them onto the replacement circuit board.
  2. If you old circuit board has the early version of the odometer plug, you will need to replace the old plug with the new included plug.

To order the correct circuit board:

  1. View the image below showing the back of the circuit board this kit is being ordered to replace.
  2. If you are not sure which board to order, or your board is different than the 3 images below, contact us using this Contact Form and we will be happy to help.



  1. Are the three IC chips available? No. GM had quite a few variations of two of the three chips. One of the three chips we have a supply of new old stock. The firmware and the two other chips are not available.
  2. How do I know this will fix my problem? Please do a proper diagnosis to determine the problem is with the circuit board (most of the time it is the circuit board). When you have determined it is the circuit board, there is a 95% chance (based on our experience repairing 100's of these boards) this will fix the problem.
  3. I don't have the tools or ability to do this type of repair. Can you help with the repair? We offer a Repair Service for those who don't have the ability to do their own repair or just don't want the hassle of this type of a repair.


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