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The Fiero Subwoofer System - Performance Sound UQ6

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Pontiac made the UQ6 Performance Sound system an option on 1986-1988 Fiero. The option code was UQ6.

The Fiero Performance Sound UQ6 system was designed to improve the sound quality above the basic stock system. It came with two-way speaker and a separate amplifier that mounted on the passenger side console, under the carpet. It also came with a sub-woofer speaker and box that mounted below the passenger side dash. The sub-woofer volume was controlled by a slide switch on the overhead courtesy light assembly.

The sub-woofer system used the signal from all 4 speakers and only allowed the low frequencies to pass to the Sub-woofer.

The Fiero Performance Sound system was a rare option that most Fiero's did not have. Every now and then we get one of these systems and make it available for purchase. It includes everything you need to have this rare option on your Fiero. Here is a link to the system we currently have avialable. 1985-1988 Fiero Performance Sound Sub-woofer System

If it is out of stock or no longer available, request a stock notification and we will email you when we have another.