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Trouble shooting no start condition (#1). 1993-2002 Camaro and Firebird

Posted by Support Staff on 30th Sep 2017

Condition 1 - Engine will not rotate when attempting to start

  1. Battery terminal connections loose of corroded. Check the cable terminals at the battery; tighten cable clamp and/or clean off corrosion as necessary.
  2. Battery discharged or faulty. If the cable ends are clean and tight on the battery posts, turn the key to the On position and switch on the headlights or windshield wipers. If they won't run, the battery is discharge.
  3. Automatic transmission not engaged In park (PI or Neutral (N). (Safety switch will not allow engine to start)
  4. Broken, loose or disconnected wires in the starting circuit. Inspect all wires and connectors at the battery, starter solenoid and ignition switch (on steering column).
  5. Starter solenoid faulty.
  6. Starter motor faulty.
  7. Ignition switch tautly.
  8. Starter motor pinion jammed in flywheel ring gear. If manual transmission, place transmission In gear and rock the vehicle to manually turn the engine. Remove starter and Inspect pinion and flywheel
  9. Engine seized. Try lo turn to crankshaft with a large socket and breaker bar on the pulley bolt.

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