1990-92 Chevy Camaro Speedometer Circuit Board Repair Service

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arrow.png Please read the entire listing before ordering. - This is a repair service.

1990-92 Chevy Camaro Speedometer Circuit Board. Repair Service

  1. You send us your speedometer circuit board for repair (Not the whole gauge cluster, not the speedometer).
  2. We will repair your circuit board and test it for proper operation.
  3. Includes all parts (all capacitors, diodes, resistors, will be replaced, crystal oscillator, odometer driver IC, as needed).
  4. Includes all labor.
  5. Your order will include a detailed repair report.
  6. If your circuit board is not repairable, we will return it to you and refund your payment less $10.00 for handling.
  7. We absorb the risk of it not being repairable. (Parts and labor.)
  8. Your only risk is shipping cost + $10.00 handling fee if the circuit board is not repairable.

The vast majority of circuit boards we have received for service, we have been able to repair to proper operating specifications. We will replace and upgrade resistors, diodes, capacitors, and (if needed) the crystal oscillator, odometer driver IC. Some proprietary components and their firmware may not available and therefore cannot be replaced.

Speedometer malfunction or failure can be caused by a number of different causes. The most common cause is the Speedometer circuit board. However, proper system diagnosis should be done to assure the circuit board is the problem. This board is located in the gauge cluster near the speedometer.

To order this service:

  1. Download and print this form ►►► 1990-92 Camaro speedometer circuit board repair service form (PDF) ◄◄◄. If you don't have a printer, write the information on a piece of paper to include with your circuit board.
  2. Purchase the service (add it to your cart and complete checkout.)
  3. Follow the instruction on the form you downloaded.

It takes @ 2 business days for the rebuild to be completed and processed to ship back to you. We will update you when we receive your circuit board, and provide tracking information when it is shipped back to you.


  1. Are you still offering this service? Yes. As of December 2022, this service is still available. (If there is an "Add to Cart" button visible, we still offering this service)
  2. What if my board is not repairable?  Then we will return your board to you, refund your purchase price less a $10.00 service fee.
  3. How can you offer this service and not charge a diagnostic fee for boards that are not repairable? The vast majority of circuit boards we have serviced, we have been able repair to proper operating specifications
  4. Can you assist me in repairing my own board?  No. We are not staffed for providing repair consulting. We have a couple blog post about the 90-92 Camaro Speedometer that may assist you in repairing your own board.
  5. We also have a "do it yourself repair kit"
  6. I followed a blog post on how to repair my own board and after the repair when I plugged it in and turned on the ignition, it smoked and burned the board. Can you still repair it?  This is surprisingly common. We can probably still repair your board, but less likely than if this didn't occur. The more damage the board has, the less likely it is repairable.
  7. Do you need the whole gauge cluster for the repair? No. We have everything needed to properly diagnose, repair, and test the circuit board.








 For help removing the speedometer circuit board, see our blog post How to remove the 1990-92 Camaro speedometer circuit board





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